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This Referral policy applies to users (referred to as “user”, “users”, “your” or “you”) who are participating in Mindful Gurukul’s  Referral Scheme (the “Scheme”). Your participation in the Scheme is deemed if (a) you share your referral code with others by any means whatsoever, or (b) you use another’s referral code in your application. By participating in this Scheme, you acknowledge and agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of this referral policy (“Policy”), which are in addition to and subject to Mindful Gurukul’s “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy” available on the Platform. Mindful Gurukul offers a well-researched scientific system to increase the self-study hours and reduce the anxiety of students appearing for competitive exams (“Program”). By accepting this Referral Policy, you consent, agree, and undertake to abide, and be bound to the terms of this Referral Policy. If you do not agree to this Policy, please do not participate in the Scheme. Mindful Gurukul reserves the right to modify or terminate the Scheme, in whole or in part, at any time and in any manner.


“Expert” mean the subject matter experts. In the case of non-individual Experts, the Expert shall specify the Individual/s or employees designated to carry out the services.

“Not enrolled Referrer” means an Mindful Gurukul user who has not paid the block amount for  Mindful Gurukul Program and making the reference.

“Enrolled Referrer” means an Mindful Gurukul user who has paid the block amount for an Mindful Gurukul Program and making the reference.

“Friend” means the individual being referred by a Referrer.

“Referrer” means either an Enrolled Referrer or a Not enrolled Referrer or an Expert referring to a Friend.

“Referral Code” is the code generated when the Referrer submits his own application or otherwise in a manner decided by Mindful Gurukul.

“Reward” means the benefit receivable under this policy, in the form of cash, vouchers or fee waivers, as the case may be.

  1. Criteria – The Referrer must share her/his Referral Code with the Friend, which in turn must be used/applied by the Friend in his/her registration process at Mindful Gurukul for enrolment to a Program. Mindful Gurukul shall not accept the Referral Code any time after the application submission by the Friend. Additionally, the Friend must pay the entire fee amount for the Referral to be considered complete.
  1. Value & Disbursement of Reward- The amount of Reward receivable is dependent on the status of the Referrer at the time when such Reward is to be disbursed.
  1. Not Enrolled Referrers

The Not enrolled Referrer shall receive a gift voucher valued at Rs. 800 per referral, subject to TDS, within fourteen (14) working days from the commencement date of the cohort of Friend’s Program, upto a maximum of ten (10) referrals. For any further referrals, the Not enrolled Referrer shall receive a reward of Rs. 800/- for any Mindful Gurukul Program valued Rs. 6000/- and 2400/- for program of Rs 20000/- and needs to be communicated prior to admin via whatsapp on 9820934635 within 24 hours .

The Not Enrolled Referrer who earns 30,000 or more in the form of referral incentive from Mindful Gurukul in one year needs to submit their PAN Account details to get the payment processed.

  1. Enrolled Referrers and Expert

The Reward receivable by the Enrolled Referrer or Expert, as the case may be, shall be determined on the basis of the Program which the Friend has registered and paid for Mindful Gurukul . For example, if the Referrer has enrolled for Quarterly Gold and the Friend is enrolled for Annually Gold , the Referrer or the Expert, as the case may be, shall be eligible for a Reward attributable to the  Annually Gold program in the table below i.e. INR 3600.

The Enrolled Referrer or the Expert, as the case may be, will receive the Reward in the form of a cash payout, after deducting TDS as per applicable laws. The Enrolled Referrer or the Expert, as the case may be, must fill and submit the referral form to receive the payout.

The Enrolled Referrer or the Expert, as the case may be, shall receive the referral benefits, subject to TDS, within 30 working days post the Friend’s batch commencement date.

The Enrolled Referrer who earns 30,000 or more in the form of referral incentive from Mindful Gurukul in one year needs to submit their PAN Account details to get the payment processed.

  1. Enrolled /Not Enrolled/Expert Reward

Existing users/learners/students  and who are not enrolled   are eligible to receive the Reward amount, as mentioned in the table below.

Program wise value of the Reward is provided in the table below:

Program                    Enrolled  Referral Reward               Unenrolled  Referral Reward              Expert Reward

Gold Quarterly                    2000                                          800                                                            2000

Gold Annually                     5400                                         2400                                                           5400

Terms Applicable:-

Existing users/learners/students who enrol themselves for a new Program are eligible to receive the Reward amount mentioned in the table for Enrolled Referrers.

The benefits under this Referral Policy cannot be clubbed with any other scholarship/fee waiver or other benefits. If the referee has already availed of another benefit, the benefits of this Referral Policy shall not apply. For further clarity, please check with the admin.

In case the Reward is a cash payout, a bank transfer will take seven (7) bank days from the date of receipt of the referral form duly filled with all the bank details in the case.

The team will be reaching out for the bank details once the final login is issued to the friend after receipt

Both, the Referee and Referrer shall be eligible for any Referral benefit, only if the Referral code is used at the time of sign-up with Mindful Gurukul,.”

As per the new Section, 206 AB inserted in the Income Tax Act by the Finance Act 2021, if you are a ‘specified person’ as prescribed under section 206AB, the tax deducted at source shall be at  – (a) 5% or (b) twice the rate applicable to referral fees;  whichever is higher.

“specified person” means a person who has not filed the returns of income for both of the two assessment years relevant to the two previous years immediately prior to the previous year in which tax is required to be deducted, for which the time limit of filing return of income under sub-section (1) of section 139 has expired; and the aggregate of tax deducted at source and tax collected at source in his case is rupees fifty thousand or more in each of these two previous years

Income tax department has facilitated a link where businesses can check if any person is a ‘specified person’ and thereby deduct the relevant taxes to comply with the provisions of Section 206 AB

5)  Fair Usage Requirements

The referral code usage is limited to unlimited enrollments per quarter. Special provisions shall be made for learners/students /experts designated by Mindful Gurukul under Special Programs.

Mindful Gurukul’s Referral Policy has been designed with a vision to reduce anxiety and mental health issues in students a lucrative and economical option for the friends and family members of our learner community. The referrer must refrain from using his / her code publicly on social media platforms.

The referrer must refrain from sharing his or her code with any employee at Mindful Gurukul or entity associated with the direct sale of any of Mindful Gurukul’s Programs for the purpose of getting the code used by Mindful Gurukul’s prospective learners who the referrer has no connection with.

The Referral Code usage shall be evaluated on a case-to-case basis by Mindful Gurukul and Mindful Gurukul holds the power to block the Referral Code if any misuse is suspected, at the sole discretion of Mindful Gurukul. The decision of Mindful Gurukul will be final in this case.

To validate fair usage, Mindful Gurukul will conduct a call-based verification process to understand the connection between the referrer and referee.

Source of referee: There will be a check of the source of the Friend and of whether the Referrer used any marketing channel or through Referrer himself/herself. The misuse of the code through any social media channels will cause Mindful Gurukul to block your referral code. Our Finance team may contact you for clarification.

The referral code once entered by the friend who has blocked the seat and has enrolled with Mindful Gurukul, cannot be modified/changed by the backend team. In this case, the learner is not entitled to any referral rewards. (Please note:- If the referral code once entered by a friend is incorrect, the policy remains the same)

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