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Mindful Gurukul is an app that helps students who are appearing for competitive exams like Jee,Neet,Upsc.10th Grade etc. to organize and follow their study schedule and cut down on stress and distractions to focus better. Students who follow the given activities get rewarded and score higher marks.
No, we do not teach any subject or give learning material in mindful gurukul. We solely coach the student how to schedule and optimize their self-study and keep calm in the learning process.
Mindful Gurukul helps students to crack competitive exams and be in a energized optimist mindset as they prepare for their exams. When they study they are able to retain more knowledge and in exams are able to be in a calm and composed state.
Mindful Gurukul program has been developed by extensive research by world famous neuroscientist and counsellors who have tested using dry EEG to find increase in focus and concentration. There has been a pre and post evaluation which found that students focus and resilience levels increased and dramatic reduction in stress.
Mindfulness is living in the present moment.Research shows that regular mindfulness makes your mind sharper and you create a pause when you are faced with overwhelming situations. It makes your brain (prefrontal lobe)stronger and helps it to be in control of your emotions. Students facing competitive exams are in severe pressure to perform and need that moments of calmness to be in the right state of mind so as to learn in an optimized way.
Yes and no. You will love to follow the activities, schedule and be addicted to the calm state of mind. Once you stop using the app after our annual program, you will retain the habits for considerable no of years if you keep on practicing mindfulness.
Mindful Gurukul gets you in the flow state. A flow state is when you love to study and feel fresh and energized. You study with a happy mind and are able to recollect and retain more knowledge. You may have been doing thus in bits and pieces but mindfulness uses scientific and well researched methods to help you be in a positive mindset to learn the study materials given by various teaching institutions.
Yes, you do earn as you learns. As you study more and do more activities, you earn points which are redeemable for money.
Research shows that as you learn your mind fatigues just like when we exercise our muscles fatigue. What will happen if you try to run after a heavy work out. You will get cramps the next day or will fall sick. Similarly one our brain gets burnout, you stop remembering what you learn as you lose focus. This is where mindfulness guides you take a break so you are in the best state of mind to study.
You need to study at least 6 hours a day to crack Jee, Neet or Upsc but 6 hours of optimized studying is equivalent to 10-12 hours of regular studying without breaks. So when a student studies 6 hours in an optimized way ,his chances of cracking any competitive exams are increased many fold.

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