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Mindful Gurukul is the world’s first Neurofeedback brain training app designed to coach self-study hours to help students prepare for competitive tests such as the NEET, JEE Main and Advanced , UPSC/10th Boards, CAT/CET/IELTS/Banking examinations, and other such assessments.

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Scheduling effectively and self paced studying- Mindful Gurukul

Boost Focus and Concentration

Concentration is something that many people wish they could improve. If you've ever struggled with an exam, or spent a lot of time studying for a major exam, you may have wondered if you might improve your ability to focus.

Improve academics-Mindful gurukul

Improve Academics

Even the brightest students can at times find themselves academically underachieving, typically due to circumstances beyond their control. It's usually because they're in a rut and don't know how to get out of it.

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Reduce Stress and tension

As the demands of our fast-paced modern world increase, so do the demands on students in today's educational system. In fact, 45 percent of students reported experiencing "greater than average stress," and 87 percent indicated they had been overwhelmed at least once in the preceding year.

Confused, Distracted-Mindful Gurukul

How we make your brain sharper to crack jee/neet/upsc/10th grade?

Neurofeedback is a method of improving brain function through the use of real-time feedback from the brain’s own neural networks. When a student is studying, we were able to watch the brain’s activity in real time.   We also rewarded the brain when it shifted its own patterns of activity in a more productive direction. This is how the training programme was put together and is constantly being improved upon.

The 4R technique of Realization, Rewiring, Raising, Anchoring, and Redefining has been used to train more than 10,000 human brains. Award-winning doctors, counsellors, and neuroscientists are behind our products and services.

Our programmes are designed to maximise the human brain’s capacity when it comes to preparing for competitive tests.

Your Future Starts Here

The Mindful Gurukul app combines analytical, motivating, and stress-reduction techniques to help us tap into our infinite brain capacity and achieve our goals.

Non Judge mental -Mindful gurukul

Non Judgemental

An non judgemntal environment in which pupils' unique talents and abilities can be utilised and continually pushed to their highest potential.

Enhancing Focus-Mindful gurukul

Enhancing Focus

Increasing the efficacy of self-study through boosting students' ability to concentrate first and only then increase the amount of time spent studying. "Study smartly" is a motto that we strongly adhere to.

Reduce Distraction-Mindful gurukul

Reduce Distractions

Reducing study time wasted by keeping tabs on distractions and encouraging students to regain control of their wandering thoughts.

Self Study Hour Analysis-Mindful gurukul

Self Study Hour Analysis

Based on algorithms used by successful applicants, students' concentration, anxiety, and distraction levels are observed, monitored, and assessed.

Reawrd Systems-Earn As you Learn-Mindful Gurukul

Earn As You Learn

Encouraging and motivating students by rewarding them and challenges to put in more time for self studying regularly .

Scheduling effectively and self paced studying- Mindful Gurukul

Self Paced

Create a guilt-free, self-paced timetable based on each student's goals using effective "Time Management," and improve it over time to meet those goals without being burdened by expectations.

Get To Peak Exam Results

Performance in all fields can only be achieved via concentration, attention as well as control of one’s emotions.

Using neurofeedback, many Olympians and top-level business executives are honing their mental game and maximising their brain’s potential.

As a result, students will be better prepared for any competitive exams they may experience.

We want to provide each student an unfair advantage in achieving their goals by providing them with a customised user experience through the application of machine learning.

How We Make You Study Smarter Not Harder?

Science Behind Our Training – The 4 R Training

Realisation of why certain changes takes place with context to the functioning of the mind. This ‘R ‘ is conducted during the session so they are able to understand the chemical as well as biological changes taking place within their minds as well as others. This primes the mind and gets it in a position from a sufferer to an evaluator.

Step 1 of Mindful Gurukul Training

 Raising an anchor using cognitive mindfulness techniques specially designed for students giving competitive exams  creates conditions in the mind to increase the flow of positive chemicals like serotonin and dopamine .These facilitate the mind to be more receptive to the changes desired by individuals or open to new concepts and ideas. This also creates conditions in the brain for deeper insights ,enhanced memory and reduced tension which form an interesting gain over a period of time.

Step 2 of Mindful Gurukul Training

 Rewiring the mind to analyze and adapt to newer ways of dealing with problematic and difficult exam questions .This part is conducted in a way that absolutely no tutoring and giving easy solution is done .The participants  are rather motivated and encouraged to come up with individual specific solution which is best suited for their understanding. The aim to avoid self-conflict and self-judgement and improve their study habits without any conscious effort.

Step 3 of Mindful Gurukul Training

Redefining is the final part of the session where the gains from the first three ‘R’ s are converted from the short memory to long memory. This not so easy task is achieved by creating anchors and the newer recently created pathways replace the older ones by repeated practice. The idea is to form it from an interesting sessions to a habit. These are repeated in every day to address all the different aspects of individual skills required in the particular pro.

Step 4 of Mindful Gurukul Training

Founder Mindful gurukul

How Mindful Gurukul started?

Mindful Gurukul is an online  tech based App launched in the year 2022 by Dr. Chirag Jain and Darshana Jain to help students develop their true potential.

By using scientific and highly validated techniques of brain sciences, they designed a set of programs to help students perform at their peak in exam and real life. Using algorithms and machine learning, these programs were effortlessly integrated into the mobile app.

They want to make fundamental alterations to the way students learn, especially while they are planning and preparing on their own study time, in order to help them reach their goals.

Brighter Future for the upcoming generation of Thinkers

When children are constantly pushed to perform at the top of their class, they may rush through childhood and lose out on critical developmental milestones. Time is needed for them to work on their “calm my mind” abilities, learn to create and achieve goals, make mistakes and grow from them, as well as to focus on their personal passions and hobbies.

We want to assist children develop the mental fortitude and skills necessary to handle these kinds of circumstances in a more positive light for the benefit of everyone.

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My experience with Mindful  Gurukul is being wonderful, where I left all my worries and talked from my heart. Mindful has helped me to become more calm and relaxed. And most importantly enjoy my present and not to worry about future


Yuvraj Singh
Mumbai, India

When I first attended mindful gurukul at the beginning it was very boring but then when the activities started a new atmosphere was created it was like kab aayega wapas Mindful Gurukul. It has changed me in the area’s which I was weak like speaking in front of random people, Before Mindful Gurukul I was facing several problems like anxiety but the sessions in mindful gurukul changed me. 

Farhat khot
Mumbai, India

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